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Live video streaming is the number one method of engaging existing members and reaching more people with the gospel. Just think, you can reach 26 million people in the USA and 68 million people in other nations broadcasting on Roku alone!
All you need to get started is a video camera with HDMI or RCA cables, along with power and internet access. Your event can last anywhere from a few minutes to all-day, and you can broadcast multiple events at the same time.

Broadcast Your Ministry

Broadcast Your Ministry

Your Pre-Recorded Content

It’s easy to broadcast your pre-recorded programs on the Baptist Missionary Network!

Your involvement can reach millions of lost souls simply by sharing your existing content on our Christian TV Channel.
AttentionFilm Makers, Educators, Missionaries, Musicians, Evangelists, Preachers, Authors, and Journalists:

The Baptist Missionary Network wants to facilitate a greater outreach for your ministry at no cost to you!
Currently Needed Content
  • Worship
  • Evangelism
  • Missions
  • Academics
  • Music
  • Archaeology
  • News
  • Events
  • Movies
  • Entertainment
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Plan, Schedule, Record, or Live Stream Your Ministry

BE The Light…   Stream The Light!

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Video Outreach Gets Results

Here’s The Deal

The public simply cannot simulcast unlimited live stream productions to millions of people without paying thousands of dollars, but my family would like to be a help in your Ministry:
If your church would like to use Live Streaming as part of your outreach, we would be honored to offset your cost so that your ministry would only pay $195 for the whole year of Unlimited Live Video Streaming, Video On Demand, and Analytics.

Worlds Best Platform For Live Video Outreach.

[email protected] | (605)269-0039
Legend Enterprises, Inc.

$195 Yearly - Soul Reacher's Price!

This is the easiest way for Soul Reachers to leverage the power of simulcast live video and video on demand at an affordable cost.

* Includes UNLIMITED Viewers and Bandwidth.
* Your event can last anywhere from a few minutes to all-day.
* You can broadcast multiple events at the same time.
* Highest quality viewing experience - no buffering, no annoying ads.
* Includes 1TB of Available-On-Demand Video Storage on Vimeo.
* Optional UNLIMITED Available-On-Demand Video Storage is available for $2.50 per year for each additional hour of stored video.
* Your Videos can be simulcast live to the following venues at no additional charge - Any Websites, Facebook, Roku, Periscope, Youtube, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and the Baptist Missionary Network TV Channel.
* Includes UNLIMITED Viewers, Bandwidth, Storage, etc.
* No Contract
* Discounted Locked In Price
* 24/7 Help Desk
* Ongoing Free Training Provided

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