Let’s See What Features You Are Getting

  • 1-800

    “1-800” PHONE NUMBERS

    Works in every country on earth!
    Increases Trust and Traffic!

  • Local Phone Numbers

    Local Phone Numbers

    Get Custom Local Numbers From Any Area Code Worldwide.

  • Phone Number Branding

    Phone Number Branding

    Spell Out Custom Words, Letters, and Numbers As Your Phone Number!

  • Unlimited Extensions

    Unlimited Extensions

    Route Calls to ANY Land-line
    or Cell Phone Worldwide.

  • Unlimited Mailboxes

    Unlimited Mailboxes

    Setup as Many Voice Mailboxes
    as Your Business Can Handle.

  • Unlimited Analytics

    Unlimited Analytics

    Track Call Flow Data and See Which Times Are Your Busiest.

  • Text-To-Speech


    Don’t Want to Upload Your Own Custom Greeting Audio?
    …Just Type It In!
    PBX Lion Speaks 100+ Languages.

  • Custom Greetings, Call Forwarding & Voicemail

    Custom Greetings, Call Forwarding
    & Voicemail

    Handle call flow however you like. Record Your Audio or Text-to-Speech.

  • Call Recording Functionality

    Call Recording Functionality

    Can Be Enabled Or Disabled.
    Voice Messages Can Be Forwarded to Any Email Address Worldwide.

Here’s The Deal

The public pays about $600 per year for the Premier PBX System, but my family would like to be a help in your Ministry:
If your church would like to use the PBX Lion Automated Phone System as part of your outreach, we would be honored to offset your cost so that your ministry would only pay $97 for the whole year of Unlimited Dedicated Phone Lines, Voice Mailboxes, and Call Routing.

Worlds Easiest Platform For Managing
Christian Outreach Communications.

[email protected] | (605)269-0039
Legend Enterprises, Inc.

$97 Yearly - Soul Reacher's Price!

Create Unlimited Incoming Phone Numbers and Route Them to ANY Landline or Cell Phone in the World!
* Create UNLIMITED Dedicated Phone Numbers, Sub-Users, Voice Mail Boxes, etc.
* Route an Incoming Call to Multiple People (Round-Robin Style)
* Robo-Voice Speaks 100+ Languages!
* No Contract
* Discounted Locked In Price
* 24/7 Help Desk
* Ongoing Free Training Provided

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